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Color Run/Walk – 4 June

The Ellsworth AFB Sexual Assault Prevention & Response (SAPR) office is hosting a family friendly Color Run/Walk at 7:30 AM on Friday, June 4th at the Base Lakes.

Registration starts at 7 AM on the day of the run/walk.

If you have questions, please call the SAPR Office at 385-5233.

Vacation Bible School at the Base Chapel

Just received the below email from the Base Chapel…

Summertime is here, and so is Vacation Bible School at the Chapel!  Vacation Bible School is a faith-based program presented in the Christian tradition.  All are welcome to attend.   

WHAT: Vacation Bible School 

WHO: Dependent Children Between the Ages 3-11

WHERE: Chapel Activity Center (1158 Ellsworth St, Bld 2405 beside the Rushmore Center)

WHEN: 0900-1200, 26-30 July 

COST: $5 per child/$10 per family

Your EAFB Chapel community is excited to invite all children between the ages 3-11 to join us for this year’s Vacation Bible School from 26 to 30 July. The fun “Concrete & Cranes” curriculum from Lifeway Publishing will teach our kids about the work of Jesus in our lives. The theme borrows from Philippians 1:6 “And I am certain that God, who began the good work within you, will continue his work until it is finally finished on the day when Christ Jesus returns.” Join us to explore how God is working in and through us with crafts, outdoor games, studies, and so much more!  

To register, please sign up at https://secure.acceptiva.com/?cst=866f82.

Mask Wear Policy and COVID General Restriction Order Updates

Please see the following email from the Vice Wing Commander…

Raiders –

Due to the improving COVID environment, your vigilance, and some changes to DoD policy, we are making a number of updates to the General Restriction Order, effective immediately:

1. IAW “DepSecDef_Updated Mask Guidelines for Vaccinated Persons” (attached) . . . Mask wear is no longer required at Ellsworth AFB for individuals who are more than 2 weeks removed from their second COVID vaccine.  

a. Due to the elevated risk of virus transmission, the following locations require mask wear (regardless of vaccination status)

i.      Medical Treatment Facility/All Medical Group Facilities

ii.      Visitor Control Center Waiting Area (Defenders Behind the Plexi-Glass who meet restrictions above do not require masks)

iii.      Larger gatherings (ie All-Calls, Change of Command, etc) may be designated mandatory mask-wear locations by Sq/CC or above

b. DECA policy aligns w/DoD policy, so mask wear is not required at the Commissary for fully vaccinated persons.  Furthermore the limit on number of carts/customers in the Commissary is now rescinded.

c. AAFES policy is also aligned w/ DoD policy, so mask wear is no longer required for vaccinated personnel at the BX and Shopette

d. Child Development Center and Youth Center – Fully vaccinated care givers are no longer required to wear masks, but prudent control measures on class-room size and larger gatherings will remain in place

2. Outdoor sports of all types are now unrestricted with no limit on group size and mask wear is not required while engaging in athletic activity

3. Indoor sports of all types are also authorized.  Individuals actively engaging in athletic activity are not required to wear masks.  Spectators will adhere to guidance above.

4. RoM is no longer required unless arriving from a Level 4 Country

5. Isolation or Quarantine may now be accomplished in your own domicile (not lodging) . . . Units will provide assistance for meals and other necessary provisions.  (Dorm residents are an exception to this policy.  Dorm dwellers with Isolate in IQF/Lodging, but they may quarantine in place at the dorms)

6. Passes for relatives or deliveries may be obtained by individual Amn at the VCC directly, no leadership approval required (of note – leave still requires flight chief/cc level approval)

7. Private gathering size rescinded (on and off base)

8. Mask wear is no longer required off base for vaccinated personnel IAW the policy above unless mandated by the business

Of note bars, clubs, rally’s and other types of large indoor events (including concerts) are still off limits.  The 5 hour VOCO limit is still in effect as well.

Expect an updated General Restriction Order documenting these changes ASAP on Monday.


Col Hoadley


Vice Commander, 28th Bomb Wing

Thank You to Military Spouses

Below is an email sent by General and Mrs. Brown:

From: CSAF
Sent: Friday, May 7, 2021 4:54 AM
Subject: Thank You to Military Spouses

Dear Air Force Spouses,

Thank you for your courage and strength, and for being part of our Air Force Family.  Those in uniform are easily recognized for their service and sacrifices, but it’s you… the unsung heroes of our Air Force who sacrifice so much to support your family, the Air Force, and our Nation.  As spouses, you are all too familiar with one of our Air Force’s core values: Service Before Self.  We know you provide our Airmen with the foundation to carry out the Air Force mission anytime, anywhere-thank you!  Additionally, we owe a special debt to those of you who are currently serving, or who have previously served, in uniform–you have a unique outlook that we value.

As the 22nd Chief of Staff and spouse, taking care of Airmen and families is our top priority-a true no-fail mission.  Your drive, dedication, and commitment makes a tremendously positive impact on the Air Force.  Each of you makes a difference every day!

We are honored to serve with you and offer our heartfelt thanks for all that you do.


  CHARLES Q. BROWN, JR.                                SHARENE BROWN

  General, USAF                                                       CSAF Spouse

  Chief of Staff

Changes to Base General Restriction Order – 30 April 2021

Below is the email sent out on Friday, 30 April 2021:


Thank you for your continued hard work and dedication as we continue to work through COVID-19.  I’m sure all of you are tired of this pandemic and ready to get back to normal.  You have all done a phenomenal job keeping our cases low and keeping the mission going.  While we still are dealing with some active COVID-19 cases, we continue to see improvements in the environment across the base and in the local area.

As promised, with improvements come fewer restrictions.  Below are the latest changes to the General Restriction Order with a few reminders of safeguards still in place.  These changes will be incorporated in a updated and signed General Restriction order very soon, however, the following changes are effective immediately and apply to all members as defined in the General Restriction Order.

1)      (Reminder) Face coverings remain mandatory to enter any establishment downtown (regardless of store policy) and when entering any facility on base (except own residence). On base, members may remove face coverings when at their work station/location if physical distancing is available.  If leaving the work station/location, members must wear face coverings until outside.  Member must also wear a face covering when in a vehicle with non-family members.

2)      *Dining:  The requirement to only go to establishments where the staff wear face coverings is rescinded.  However, all personnel must wear a mask in the waiting areas and when not seated regardless of establishment policy for patrons or staff.


–          The requirement for only four non-family members dining together is rescinded, however, non-family members that travel together must still wear face coverings in the vehicle to and from their destination.

–          Seating at the bar in dining establishment remains off limits.

–          All personnel are encouraged to use establishments where staff wear face coverings, to use outdoor seating options if the weather allows, and to avoid the most crowded times of operation.

–          (Reminder) Bars and clubs are still off limits for now, however, outdoor seating at wineries and breweries is permitted.  Face coverings must be worn if going inside to order, pay bill, or use restrooms.

3)      *Private gatherings (unofficial functions such as cookouts etc): authorized up to 20 people (Changed from 14) provided indoor/outdoor spacing is sufficient.

4)      *Official functions (unit or private org sponsored)  Venue attendance will be defined by the ability to follow six foot physical distancing rules (depends on the size of the facility).  Enforcement of physical distancing and face covering wear when not seated and eating/drinking is required and hand sanitization must be provided at entry and throughout the venue for official functions.

5)      *Leave:  Squadron CCs or the Director of Staff may now delegate leave approval to the Flight CC/Division commander or equivalent level at their discretion.  Leave matrix paperwork and a safety briefing is still required before approval and departure.

6)      Base Pass: Base pass approval remains at the Sq/CC or Director of Staff level with appropriate paperwork and should be issued for mission accomplishment purposes, deliveries, or family member visits only.

7)      The VOCO/Pass radius is 5 hours drive time.

8)      *Barbershops, hair/nail salons, massage therapy etc:  The requirement for members to only use barbershops, hair/beauty salons, manicure/pedicure, tattoo and massage therapy establishments that require masks is rescinded, however, all personnel subject to the General Restriction Order must wear a face covering at all times in those facilities due to the close proximity of employees to our personnel.  All personnel are encouraged to use establishments where staff wear face coverings to maximize safety.

9)      Outdoor sports: All members may now participate in any outdoor sports activity to include unit PT. Wing/Group/Squadron/Flight intramurals are also authorized.  Maintain spacing to the max extent practical and provide for sanitization at any event. Certain indoor sports will be allowed with precautions in place.

10)   (Reminder) Rallys and large fairs remain off limits for now.  Outdoor markets are permitted.

11)   (Reminder) Local outdoor concert venues such as Rapid’s Hot Summer nights (for example) are permitted provided physical distancing can be maintained or face coverings are worn if spacing does not provide for distancing.  Large rock concert venues (indoor or outdoor) where there are extremely large crowds jammed together remain prohibited.

12)   (Reminder) All movie theaters are allowed provided members wear face coverings and practice physical distancing from non-family members.  Drive-in movie theaters are also still allowed.

Please continue to be the great team players and professionals that you are and exercise good judgement and decision making to keep us moving in the right direction.  We do have criteria for moving to HPCON A and I have shared that with your commanders.  I hope we can get there soon. With your help, I am confident that we can so we can lift even more restrictions!


Col Doss


Commander, 28th Bomb Wing

Exceptional Family Member Program Update – 29 April 2021

The Department of the Air Force Exceptional Family Member Program is doing an updated on the EFMP Program and initiatives on their Facebook page on Thursday, 29 April 2021 at 8:00 AM MDT.

The link to their Facebook page is below:


If interested, they are encouraging you to join in the conversation by either sending them a direct message via the send message feature on their Facebook page or by email at afpc.dp3x.workflow@us.af.mil.