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Changes to Base General Restriction Order – 3 March 2021

Based on an email from Bomb Wing Leadership, effective March 3, 2021, dining out will be authorized Monday through Sunday. The updated General Restriction Order has been distributed to your leadership and can also be found on the ellsworth.af.mil site.


  • Restaurant employees must wear face coverings.
  • Personnel must wear a face covering in the establishment anytime they are not seated at their table or booth. 
  • Seating at the bar or bar area is not authorized.
  • If waiting area is crowded or doesn’t provide for proper spacing, wait outside or in car or go to another establishment if the restaurant cannot accommodate.
  • Outdoor dining is also authorized subject to the same conditions as above.

There are no other changes to the General Restriction Order at this time and the following still remain off limits:

  • Bars and clubs;
  • Casinos or other gambling or gaming establishments;
  • Concert venues (whether indoor or outdoor);
  • Rallies, Fairs or other large gatherings;
  • Large sporting events;
  • Markets (whether indoor or outdoor) if face coverings are not worn by attendees; 
  • Movie theaters where face coverings and physical distancing are not directed (drive in movie theaters are exempt)

As more allowances are put in place, we must not become complacent with the basics of mask wear, maintaining six feet of physical distancing from others,  and practicing good hygiene.  COVID-19 is still present as much as we would like it not to be.  Please continue to take precautions so that we might continue moving forward together.

Thank you for your continued diligence!


Col Doss

Newcomer Tours starting up 18 March 2021

The SDEDA and MAC sponsored On and Off Base Newcomer Tours are starting back up with the first one being on 18 March 2021. Families having arrived between July 2020 and the present will be the target and priority for the first few tours. Reportedly the tours will be held on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month.

To register, families should go to www.eventbrite.com and search for “Black Hills Community Tours.”

Tour is not open to the general public, but open to DoD cardholders, ages 16+. Tours are currently limited to 14 people. Masks are required. For more information please contact info@blackhillsmac.com.

Team Ellsworth Spouses Club Scholarships

The Team Ellsworth Spouses Club scholarships are now open — please help us spread the word! 

Traditional Academic Scholarships: Once again this year the TESC is providing traditional academic scholarships to spouses, high school seniors, and current students in community college, bachelor, masters and doctoral level programs. Must be a spouse or dependent of a mil/civilian at EAFB. 

Career Enhancement Awards: AND for TESC members only, we will again offer $250 and $500 awards for career enhancement—such as training, certification and small business support. Individuals may contact Scholarships.TESC@gmail.com for questions on eligibility and expenses. 

Eligibility and Requirements Located Here: http://ellsworthspousesclub.com/scholarships

Deadline is March 5 and all applications must be mailed.

Wintervention Weekend

Beat the winter blues and enjoy a weekend packed full of fun for all ages!

Wintervention Weekend 2021 kicks off on Friday, 26 February and offers a variety of events for both families and single service members alike!

This year, pre-registration is required for most events to ensure we maintain a safe environment for you to relax and have some fun.

Visit https://www.ellsworthfss.com/special-events/cabin-fever to see everything Wintervention has to offer and be sure to sign up for your favorite Wintervention Weekend activities so you don’t miss out on the fun!  

COVID Mitigation Reminder

Masks are Required. 6ft Social Distancing must be maintained during all events. There will be sanitization stations for your conveinence. 

Changes to Base General Restriction Order

Based on an email from Bomb Wing Leadership received this morning, the following changes to the base’s General Restriction Order have been made that pertain to spouses/families:

  1. Families may bring children into the Pride Hanger to stroll on the track or play on the field.  It is a good place to go while it is cold outside.  Children must be supervised at all times and may not be left unattended.  24/7 access will be restored at the Pride Hanger once the door has been repaired.
  2. Dining in restaurants off installation is permitted Monday – Thursdays for now.


Sent: Monday, February 8,2021 9:03 AM


As promised, I have been closely monitoring the COVID-19 trend data in the local area, the number of active cases on the installation, hospital status, and availability of vaccine for the last several weeks.

The local area case rate has decreased to the lowest point since August of last year, the active case load on the installation is stable based on the hard work, sacrifice and discipline of the team, and the local hospital status is improving. Vaccine is beginning to flow if you chose to take it.  We have received our second shipment and are currently administering second doses to all Phase 1A personnel, and have begun initial doses for Phase 1B personnel to include beneficiaries 75 years old and up.

While we are slowly and steadily reducing restrictions, it is important to understand that there is still COVID-19 in our community.  It is extremely important to continue to exercise precautions and be disciplined with hand sanitization, distancing, and mask wear if we want to continue to move forward.  

Based on the factors above, I am modifying the General Restriction Order to allow limited dining at restaurants off the installation Mondays – Thursdays initially, provided certain precautions are observed.  I have limited the dining off base to Monday – Thursday initially,  due to the fact that weekends are generally the most crowded times and therefore pose a greater risk to our team. I will continue to monitor the COVID-19 trend over the next several weeks, and if conditions do not worsen and we can adhere to the precautions below,  I will open the dining opportunities further to include Friday, Saturday and Sundays.   

No other changes have been made to the General Restriction Order and all other restrictions remain in effect.  Events with large crowds, bars and clubs remain off limits.  Details on the new dining allowance are below:

New dining allowances effective Monday 8 February.

  • Dining in restaurants off installation is permitted Monday – Thursdays for now. We will watch the impact of this and if cases remain low on and off the installation, the allowance will be opened to weekends in the future.
  • All restaurant staff must wear face coverings. If they do not, pick another restaurant.
  • No more than 4 non-family members may sit together at a table.  
  • Face coverings must be worn in waiting areas and when not seated at your table or booth.  If the waiting area cannot maintain spacing requirements, move to a location (outside or in car) that provides adequate spacing while you wait, or consider going to another establishment.
  • No seating is allowed in restaurant bar areas. 
  • Seating is also allowed outside at establishments that have outside fire pits, igloos etc. as long as the above precautions are observed.
  • If you observe a restaurant not following the precautions stated, you must leave.
  • All other restrictions in the General Restriction order remain the same regarding events with large crowds, concerts, bars, clubs, casinos and other activities.

As long as these precautions are adhered to and cases remain low, we will continue to allow dining at restaurants.  If cases go up in the local community or on base, we will pull back to dining-in on base and carry out only again.

Additionally, we have reached a point where we can open the Bellamy Gym locker rooms with certain precautions in place.  This is effective Monday 8 February and all members must follow the below directions and precautions if the locker room is to remain open.  If precautions are not followed or cases on the installation increase, the locker rooms will be closed again.  No other changes have been made to capacity or age limits for Bellamy at this time.


  • Maintaining proper spacing in the changing area and showers, 
  • Sauna is closed, do not use,
  • Wear face coverings in the locker room when not actively showering.  
  • All members are responsible for disinfecting the shower after each use (spray will be available).  
  • Fitness Center staff will do an hourly walk thru to ensure patrons are abiding by mitigation measures and replenish cleaning supplies 
  • Contract cleaning will be conducted 2-3 times a day
  • At this time the Locker Room Showers at the Pride Hangar will remain closed

Finally, families may bring children into the Pride Hanger to stroll on the track or play on the field.  It is a good place to go while it is cold outside.  Children must be supervised at all times and may not be left unattended.  24/7 access will be restored at the Pride Hanger once the door has been repaired.

Reminder on proper face covering wear on and off base:

  • If outside, wear your face covering whenever you may come within six feet of someone else. 
  • Wear your face covering anytime you are moving around the building or within six feet from another person.  If seated at your desk or eating, and no one is within six feet, you can take your mask off. 
  • Wear your face covering when in a vehicle with someone that is not a family member (POV, GOV, or any other sort of vehicle).
  • If in the gym and moving from one piece of equipment to another or going to the restroom, wear your face covering.  Equipment is spaced six feet apart.  If spotting someone lifting, wear your face covering. If in the locker room, and not showering , wear your face covering.  
  • Off base, wear your face covering when entering any business and when in a vehicle with non-family members.

You all continue to accomplish amazing feats every single day! Thank you all for what you have and continue to do as we move forward!


Col Doss

Seeking Spouse Volunteers to Judge Chef of the Quarter Competition – 10 February

Please come and join the Force Support Squadron’s Raider Cafe for the Chef of the 1st Quarter competition! With the competition taking place in February, the theme will be Valentine’s Day where we will see our Airmen compete to make the best tasting Valentine’s Day cupcakes.   

The participation from 4 spouses to be on the judging panel to help judge the delicious cupcakes prepared by our Raider Café Airmen.

If you would like to be a judge please contact or email  MSgt Dennis Mitchell-Gaskins or TSgt Adam McMichen 385-4003/1628. 

The competition will begin at 1400 and judging will take place at 1500. Judges need to be in place by 1445. If you would like to come earlier to watch the cooking and plating prior to judging you are welcome to do so.  

DATE: Wed, 10 Feb 

TIME: 1400 / Judges in place by 1445 / Judging starts 1500

LOCATION: Raider Café Conference Room 


  • 1.       SPOT FILLED
  • 2.       SPOT FILLED
  • 3.       OPEN 
  • 4.       OPEN
  • 5.       OPEN
  • 6.       OPEN

Your attendance and support to our Airmen will be greatly appreciated!

DOD’s Military OneSource MilTax Offers Free Tax Services to Service Members, Families

The Department of Defense announced today the annual launch of Military OneSource’s MilTax suite of 100% free tax services for the military community, including personalized support from tax consultants, easy-to-use tax preparation and e-filing software, and current information about filing taxes in the military.

MilTax tax preparation and e-filing software is now available through mid-October for service members, their immediate families, and surviving spouses. Provided exclusively by the Department of Defense and powered by an industry-leading tax service provider, the software was designed specifically with the military in mind. From addressing combat and training pay to deployments, housing and rentals, the secure and confidential MilTax software walks users step-by-step through a series of questions to help them complete and file their federal return and up to three state tax forms.

“We are excited to once again offer this easy-to-use, convenient and accurate tax service to our service members and their families,” said Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Military Community and Family Policy Kim Joiner. “The Department of Defense is committed to providing the military community with personalized support and resources at no cost, and MilTax is a benefit they have rightfully earned with their service.”

MilTax services include unlimited access to tax consultants trained to help with complex tax situations specific to service members and their families. Tax consultants are available year-round to answer questions related to extensions and deadlines, refunds for surviving family members, the 2020 Social Security tax deferral, and more.

For more information, call 800-342-9647 to schedule an appointment to speak with a MilTax consultant, or visit Military OneSource to get started filing your taxes.

Source: https://www.defense.gov/Newsroom/Releases/Release/Article/2475212/dods-military-onesource-miltax-offers-free-tax-services-to-service-members-fami/source/GovDelivery/